How To Choose A Real Estate Agent

March 12, 2019

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The last blog covered some insights and principles on how to find a real estate agent, now let’s get down to choosing one. You’ve done your homework, tracked with the local community newspapers, and visited some open houses. You know what you’re looking for, now let’s talk about how to identify the professional who will do the best job representing your interests.

Make a List

Your legwork from the previous steps should have left you with a short list of three to five agents who you think you could work well with. Don’t be shy about asking them for references; agents who have done good work for other clients are pleased to provide this. And actually check those references. Ask what their experience was like, and whether they would work with that agent again.

You need to determine who you feel most comfortable working with. This means that above and beyond a capability in their profession, they need to be someone you get along with. Meet with the agents on your list to determine which of them you feel most comfortable working with. Ask them about their approach to buying or selling a home, how they communicate with clients, and anything else you're concerned about. Experience and sales volumes are helpful indicators, but don’t feel like you need to go with the most experienced or highest-selling agent. Your agent works for you, and you want to make sure you understand each other. Whether you’re buying or selling, contact us for an experienced real estate agent in Fort Erie.


Here are a few questions to ask to help make sure the agents on your list are a good fit for your unique needs.

1. What type of representation do you provide?

There are various forms of representation, and some apply to certain areas more than others. There are brokers who represent buyers and those who represent sellers, and some who facilitate transactions as a neutral party. Depending on the size of the agency, it’s possible that different people in the same firm may represent you as well as the client across the table.

2. What experience do you have in my immediate area?

Has the agent been involved in any sales on your street or in your neighborhood? This will give them a level of local knowledge that may be useful in conducting your sale. We have been active in this town for decades. When you need a real estate agent in Fort Erie, give us a call!

3. How long are homes in this area typically on the market?

All homes – not to mention all buyers and sellers – are unique. There are several factors that can influence the amount of time a home remains on the market, including list price, interest rates, and the local economy. A real estate agent with experience in your neighborhood will be aware of these factors and can help you set realistic expectations and timelines.

You and your real estate agent should agree on and be united in your goals. Having clear, measurable and realistic expectations based on satisfactory answers will help give you a great real estate experience, as well as make you the kind of person a real estate agent wants to do their best for.

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