6 Ideas For An Elegant & Low-Maintenance Christmas

September 1, 2021

We are jumping the gun here as we start the -berrr months. Wouldn't it be nice to spend the holidays in one of the  houses for sale in Fort Erie? You can go all out with the decorations for the home you buy!

The holidays are a time of joy and family. This is the time to appreciate what you have rather than focus on all the things that are missing from your life. 

That being said, it's essential to keep in mind that not everyone has the same budget for Christmas decorations as others.

If you're looking for some low-maintenance ways to decorate your home this holiday season, then check out these six ideas!

1. Create a festive wreath with evergreen boughs and pine cones

Create a festive wreath with evergreen boughs and pine cones. You can buy these materials at the store or make your own! Remember that holly leaves are prickly, so make sure you wear gloves while handling them.

When making your wreath, take some evergreens and tie them in a loop with wire or twine. Put the pine cones on top of that (they'll stick to each other), then fill up any space with holly leaves cut into thin

2. Hang garland on your mantelpiece and in the doorway

This activity is a little more time-consuming, but it's worth it! You can make this part of your family tradition, or you could hang different strands depending on who's coming to visit.

Kids will love red, green, and white strips, while the older kids will appreciate some more grown-up tones.

Tie the garland up with a ribbon or string and drape it so that one side hangs down lower than the other—it'll look like you're coming into a warm, cozy home! Once you get your heart's content, let them hang freely on any railing.

3. String up some twinkling lights around your door frame for an elegant touch

This is a great, low-cost way to decorate your place for the holidays. All you need are some lights and either a fishing wire or strong tape to hang them with.

You can wrap the wires around your doorframe vertically as well so that when guests come inside, they'll twinkling lights welcome them into your home!

4. Place small, low-maintenance decorations like candles or snowflakes in clear containers.

This will make them seem less cluttered. For a festive touch, put out items that tie in with the holiday season. Candles and snowflakes are perfect for this!

You can also place these containers on top of your mantelpiece to bring some extra magic into your home. And they don't take up too much space either.

5. Put out a bowl of candy canes as a sweet holiday gesture.

A Christmas tree would be a feast for the eyes, but it might not suit your style. You can still have plenty of fun with decorations by sticking to simple ideas like this!

6. Get creative with your tree.

Put it on top of the fireplace or lay it flat across two tables to create more space in the room.

If you're looking for a low-maintenance way to add some holiday cheer to your home this year, try these six ideas. 

Whether it's the wreath fashioned from evergreen boughs and pine cones or the tasteful tree decorated with handmade ornaments in neutral colors, we hope one of these will be just what you need! 

What are your plans for decorating? We would love to hear them below so that all our readers can get ideas too!

At Fort Erie Real Estate Services, we care about you as much as we care about our area! We'll help you find the perfect house. 

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