Hot Trends in Houses for Sale Fort Erie in 2021-2022

August 24, 2021

We are living in an exciting time for homebuyers. With the housing market on the upswing, people of all ages are looking to get into new homes and settling down in houses for sale in Fort Erie. But with so many options out there, how do you know which one is best for you?

Here are some of the hottest trends that will affect your purchase decision.

1. The "retro" trend is in full swing with the popularity of mid-century design and architecture

Ready to break out of the old-fashioned home design? Retro style is popping up all over, and it's not just in fashion. 

With midcentury architecture making a comeback as well, you can have modern conveniences combined with comfort reminiscent of your grandparents' house — without sacrificing any features or having them look outdated!

The desire to simplify and live a simpler life is popular with people who believe in traditional values and seek an uncomplicated lifestyle that emphasizes simplicity.

The movement towards simple living has gained popularity due to the growing social pressure of consumerism and technology. 

People are starting to realize that they can make their lives easier and giving themselves more time for family members, friends, hobbies, or other interests outside work without having such a hectic schedule.

3. Homeowners will want to invest in their kitchens - open concept living space and large islands are still all the rage

The foodie movement is still in full effect, and houses with well-equipped kitchens will still be super hot!

Like what homeowners did in the 1990s and early 2000s, they'll be investing their money on open concept living spaces with large islands!

This is why a kitchen remodel is often considered one of those things that can really help a homeowner sell their house, so it's an area worth investing time (and money!) into making your home attractive for potential buyers.

4. The "outdoor kitchen" trend is still hot!

From the time of cavemen, people have been sitting around a fire while cooking their food. Nowadays, this is called grilling and it has become an almost indispensable part of outdoor living areas for homeowners to enjoy. 

These houses come equipped with permanently installed grills and stoves; there's no need to warm up the house to cook for family or company!

With this rise of more open-concept architecture, outdoor kitchens have become a necessity for many homeowners. They provide an additional place to hang out with friends or family and another great way to show off your design preferences!

homeownership is forever in style!

There are so many reasons why people choose to buy a house. For some, it provides stability they may not have otherwise had.

Others can't afford the monthly fees of renting an apartment or condo anymore; buying their own home means getting off the property ladder, which makes sense because houses don't depreciate as cars do over time (especially if you're good about maintaining them). 

And some prefer having all of the rights and responsibilities without any of the headaches when it comes to owning your place versus living with someone else and paying rent every month.

In conclusion, the home buying trends will be influenced mostly by the economy and other factors. If you're considering a move in 2021 or 2022, it's important to know what those changes might mean for your real estate market.

At Fort Erie Real Estate Services, we can help you navigate these changing times with our insights on how things are likely to unfold. 

Call us at 289-272-7149, and we'll share more on the hot new predictions from leading economists that could change everything about how you buy a house in the years ahead…or even if you buy one now!

Stay tuned for more articles about real estate buying and selling, investing, and other related topics!

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