What Is A Dual Agency Real Estate Relationship, And Is It Right For You?

July 8, 2021

The Fort Erie housing market can be competitive. Along with MoveRight, there are some great Fort Erie real estate agents and real estate brokerages that want to work hard for you.

Firms like Ray Rosettani, DW Howard, Remax Niagara, Royal Lepage Fort Erie, and Royal Oak Real Estate. But in some cases – usually in more rural areas, a single agent or brokerage firm might represent both the buyer and seller in the same transaction. 

This is called a dual real estate agency, sometimes also called multiple representation, or a transaction broker.

dual agency relationship is not especially common in the Niagara real estate market, but it’s worth being aware of so you can decide if it’s right for you. 

A dual real estate agency places certain restrictions on your agent and Fort Erie real estate brokerage that may be an advantage to your unique situation.

 When can dual agency occur?

A dual agency relationship occurs either when the buyer and seller are represented by the same agent, or when two agents on a transaction are licensed under the same broker.


Dual agency relationships are currently permitted in Ontario, although they come with certain unique requirements. This is because they represent a potential conflict of interest. 

Your Fort Erie real estate agent must disclose to you whether a dual agency relationship is a possibility in your case, and both the buyer and the seller must provide written consent that they are OK with that possibility.

If either the buyer or the seller does not consent to a dual agency agreement, the transaction cannot proceed. Another agent, or another brokerage firm, must be engaged before the transaction can proceed.

Disadvantages Of Dual Agencies

The agent is required to provide full disclosure concerning the property to the buyer, but they cannot reveal confidential information about the seller. 

When the time comes to make an offer, a dual real estate agent cannot advise the buyer on how much to offer, nor can they advise the seller to accept or reject an offer. 

Most buyers and sellers are looking for advice on the many aspects of a real estate deal. This is only sensible, as your home is the single biggest purchase most of us ever make.

If you’re uncertain on your goals, you’ll be more comfortable with an agent who is squarely in your corner from start to finish.

Advantages Of Dual Agency

If you know exactly what you want when it comes to houses for sale Fort Erie, a dual agency relationship can make the home-buying process faster and potentially save you money on fees.

Suppose your neighbour wants to sell his house and you want to buy it. You agree between yourselves on the price, closing date, and other terms. 

Then you would bring in a real estate professional to assist you both with closing the transaction.

Since much of the deal has already been arranged, you have some extra room to negotiate the real estate agent’s commission.

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